Last20 featured on Breakfast Television

Dina from Breakfast Television Canada meets with founders of Last20 Lauren and Lucas Barnes to discuss their innovative and environmentally sustainable company.

Last20 has partnered with the Yonkers Department of Public Works in Order to Test Recycled Plastic Asphalt

The company replaces a portion of bitumen, the common binding agent in traditional pavement, with low-density polyethylene. India has been upcycling plastic waste into pavement for almost two decades, but it hasn't been until recently in 2018 that pilots have been initiated in other parts of the world, and in cooler climates.

Last20 and Yonkers Department of Public Works Partner to Test Recycled Plastic Asphalt

Last20 will partner with the Yonkers Department of Public Works to test asphalt made with recycled plastics. The plastic-infused pavement will be tested by the Department of Public Works as part of the Westchester Innovation Network.

BBA Siblings Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

In 2018, siblings Lauren Barnes (BBA '21) and her brother Lucas (BBA '18) co-founded Last20. Their social enterprise started as a sustainable clothing brand. By 2019, the Barnes duo was on the lookout for new and inventive uses for plastic, all to help keep plastic out of landfills. They ended up launching Last20 Pavement, which is focused on creating plastic-infused pavement.

Laurier Student and Recent Grad, is Upcycling Plastic Garbage Into Innovative New Solutions

Lauren Barnes, a business administration student in the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, and her brother, Lucas, a recent graduate of the same program, have spent the past few years finding new and inventive uses for plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills.